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The Sprint-Cross World Premiere on August 7 in Wels is the opportunity for the fastest of all sports to compete with each other!

Of course, when you think of a running event, you think first and foremost of track and field athletes, but fast sprinting is a part of many sports, whether in a team or alone.

And even in sports that are not necessarily associated with running, speed plays a major role; trained Austrians need only think of various winter sports disciplines.

All these athletes can now answer the question at the Sprint-Cross: Who are the fastest in the whole country?

This can be determined at the Welser Stadtplatz on "neutral (asphalt) ground". Over a distance of exactly 192.27 meters in a direct battle of man against man or woman against woman. And the organizers will keep a special eye on how the representatives of different sports perform...

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Those who want to be there themselves: registration for this spectacular competition in 7 classes (women, men, juniors w/m, youth w/m as well as teams of three) is now open here.

The sprint-cross video can be found at: https://vimeo.com/568328480.