A sport for everyone who loves running fast.

Sprint-Cross is a sprint running event for women and men on a 192.27-meter-long street course (not on tartan). Different to classic sprint competitions, the start is not made from starting blocks, but from a specially developed starting machine. All runners share the same route (no lanes), radical changes of direction included.

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Sprint-Cross races are held in a 2-stage mode: a qualification and the finals. In the qualification, each participant completes a single time trial against the clock. The fastest (4, 8, 16, 32, 64, ...) in the qualification proceed to the finals. In the finals, the winners are determined in a 4-cross format (elimination system: 4 runners start at the same time, the fastest two runners proceed to the next round). 6 or 8 cross competitions are also possible. Sprint-Cross competitions are organized same for all skill levels, from amateur to elite, are able to compete in the same format.

Historic track length

Role model for the distance of exactly 192.27 meters are the very first Olympic Games (772 B.C.) and their sole discipline at that time: the sprint for the “stadium length”, which today corresponds to the 192.27 meters.